The Olive Grove

The Olive Grove has been working in North Africa since 2001. Their calling has always been to share God’s Word and the gift of salvation, in obedience to His leading, with those who never had an opportunity to hear.

North Africa is a part of the world where very few people up to now have had the opportunity, or freedom, to hear the Good News of Salvation. Islam is predominant and even in the countries where there is some freedom of religion, the followers of Jesus are heavily persecuted – even to death.

Over the last couple of years many things have changed in the region. In some ways there is more freedom, but on the other hand extremist groups, and the attacks and persecution that come with them, are also more widespread and have escalated dramatically. Countries like Libya also still struggle with civil war after the “Arab Spring”.

It is therefore getting more difficult to live and work in the region as a family and the Olive Grove team has to be careful to follow God’s leading in what, when, and where they work. In spite of all these difficulties God is working in the region. Over the last couple of years this family had the privilege not only to live in the region, but also to be more involved in training of, and ministering to believers. In this way they could help equip these believers to be a part of what God is doing in the region.

The Olive Grove team has a heart to see the Body of Christ in North Africa flourish and bear fruit to the glory of God. They trust that believers won’t only meet in secret, but that men and women will be filled and equipped by the Holy Spirit to reach out to their neighbours – without fear and with the joy and love of God.

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