The Hebron Project

“Our focus is to support the child by supporting the structures that support the child.”

The Hebron Project is all about relationships. Our cross-cultural work starts by visiting communities and building relationships with its members. It’s all about knowing people, hearing their stories, meeting their families and spending time listening and seeing how people live.

Through these relationships we hear and see what the community’s needs are first-hand, and we are able to step in and work with our families there on the ground.

We do not bring our own agenda to the community, but we seek to listen, learn, and build bridges through which we can share resources and provide opportunities. We seek to do the works of Jesus in John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you”.

Our focus is to support the child by supporting the structures that the child relies on for life itself.  These structures are the child’s parents, community and school.   While we are doing this, we have seen that God has amazingly begun to multiply this model using other community members and local people seek to do what we are doing.  The fruits of our work are evident in the eight other Black-owned NPO’s that we have registered and / or are supporting.

We need help with our regular community commitments:

  • Paying children’s education fees while providing the parents with entrepreneurial opportunities so that they can eventually take over the responsibility of their child’s education, for example with our project called ‘empowering women through thrift’
  • Establishing and supporting feeding schemes to help families in need with food
  • Implementing sustainability through urban farming and recycling opportunities
  • Finding and growing black owned NPOs
If you can help us or want to know more, you can check out our Social Media Pages:

Facebook – The Hebron Project NPO
Instagram – The Hebron Project (@africanchildmission)