We desire to Create opportunities for growth through relationships. Over the last years we have seen tremendous growth in the area of relationships here at Fullies and we just love to hang out together. We trust you will join with us in the many different activities. It does not matter what your gifting is, we would like to see an opportunity created for you to grow in that gift and use it for the Glory of our Father.

Fullies Leadership Team:

Pastoral Couple

Ps Ryan & Tammy Laubscher

Governing Body

Ps Ryan Laubscher
Ps Kevin O’Donoghue
Derek Cochrane
Heinrich Grove
Mark Fisher
Ashley Cilliers
Karen Hughes
Jason Keith

Fiduciary Board

Ps Ryan Laubscher
Derek Cochrane
Ps Kevin O’Donoghue
Heinrich Grove


Theresa Williams

Children’s Ministries

Henry Lourens

Ladies Ministry

Tammy Laubscher

Fullies Business

Heinrich Grove
Clint September
Iain Behr

Home Groups

Cobus & Annadia van der Merwe

Welcome Team

Jason & Megan Keith

Hospitality Team

Pat Cochrane

Worship Team

Andy D’Alton

Young Adults

Cobus & Annadia van der Merwe


Duncan Heasman