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Snack ideas for the Daniel Fast

With compliments from 
feel free to contact Talita on talita.catering@telkomsa.net with queries.

> Popcorn, plain salted, or salt and vinegar
> All sorts of nuts
> Dried fruit(no sugar)
> Dates
> Olives
> Gherkins(not the sweet one!)
> Lots of fruit!!
> Rice cakes and cracker-bread, the blue pack that is just rye
> Peanut butter (look for the sugar free one)
> Hummus
> In Woollies they have a pop corn chip which is ideal for nibbling or dipping in hummus, they also have a rice snack, like a chip for dipping.
> Roasted and salted corn(from Fruit and Veg or PnP)
>  Mash avo, add lemon juice, fienly chopped onion and tomato, pack on rice cakes or cracker bread