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Menu suggestions for the Daniel Fast

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feel free to contact Talita on talita.catering@telkomsa.net with queries.

Day 1

Soup of your choice and cooked mielie
Day 2
Vegerian pattie plus roasted potato wedges

Day 3
Lentil and vegetetable pot on mash

Day 4
Pumpkin and leek pot with boiled baby potatoes

Day 5
Spuds filled with stirfry veggies or make a sauce from tomato, onion, mushrooms and/or baked beans

Day 6
Spinash, potato and onion pot with pumkin/squash with cinamon

Day 7
Curry vegetable pot served on brown rice

Day 8
Soup of your choice plus a cooked mielie

Day 9
Roasted vegetables, all sorts: peppers, potato, sweet potato, marrows, carrots, anything goes

Day 10
Cooked polenta/mash with tomato, onion, mushrooms, marrow sauce

Day 11
Potato cakes (rostis) with a big salad with avocado

Day 12
Greenbean pot with onion and potato, served with sweet potato and ginger

Day 13
Soup of your choice

Day 14
Roasted potato and sweet potatoes served with salad

Day 15
Greek salad with no feta, add carrots and eat with a cooked mielie or a boiled potato or both

Day 16
Half a butternut filled with lentils and vegetables, baked in oven

Day 17
Brown rice with chopped, fried vegetables or with roasted veggies, and add some steamed cauliflower and broccoli to this

Day 18
Soup of your choice

Day 19
Sweet potato with ginger, boiled peas and roasted baby potato

Day 20
Stirfry veggies served on brown rice or mash

Day 21
Potato cakes (rostis) with a vegetable sauce of your choice or a salad