If you want to be part of a vibrant, exciting and rewarding ministry in the Church, the Visitation Team would love to hear from you.

The focus of the Visitation Ministry is Evangelism which is the first of the four pillars of our church’s vision.

Members of the Visitation Team visit newcomers to Fullies and reach out to families in our community by inviting them to special events at the church. We do not operate in our own strength. We are vessels in the Hand of God, Who directs our steps and our speech through the Holy Spirit.

If you wish to join the Visitation Team, you need to be a Member of Fullies, and you need to complete the training course, Sharing Your Faith. The course will equip you to share your faith and give you very useful practical guidelines on what to do and not to do when going out on Visitation. Upon completion of training, you will initially accompany an experienced team member to observe, and as you grow in confidence, you will gradually start taking part in the presentation of the Gospel in a relaxed, conversational manner.

Led by Elize Porter