Fullies, as well as being a vibrant church, is also a family orientated church, and we believe in getting everyone involved in our mission and vision.

We have a lot to offer!

Life Groups


Ps Ryan & Tammy
Life Groups meet weekly to discuss notes from the Sunday sermon.
Send a message to Fullies WhatsApp if you would like to join a Group.

Ladies Fellowship

Led by Tammy Laubscher

Care | Connect | Coffee. The Ladies meet weekly for fellowship, encouragement & teaching – a time not to be missed

Junior Church

Our vision is for a safe and accepting place where the kids can come and have fun and while they are there, it can be an opportunity for lives to be touched, for the kids to move closer to God and to equip future leaders and followers of Christ.

When? Sunday mornings at 9:30
Where? Upstairs hall
Age? 4 years and up

Led by Annadia van der Merwe

Baby Room & Little Ones

During Sunday services, this is a place for moms and dads to be with their under 4-year-olds. While the little ones enjoy the play area with toys, you can watch and listen to the church service via a live feed. An area is also available for feeding and nappy changes.


The Fullies Youth is for teenagers from age 13 -18 and meets at Fullies between 18:00 & 21:00 every Friday during term time, however, the program does often continue during school holidays. Youth is a time for teenagers to get together and connect with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Evenings are likely to include fun, teen-friendly activities, such as icebreakers, games and some relaxed social time. The Youth Meetings at Fullies are very spiritually oriented, and the evenings focus on worship and teaching of the Word.

Led by Ps Ryan & Tammy

Fullies Business Connect

Fullies Business Connect is a ministry that caters for the unique needs of the business people in Fullies and also in our community. The purpose of the ministry is:

  • to connect like-minded Christian business people.
  • to encourage Christian business people to do business God’s Way.
  • to pray for their businesses and their need.
  • to encourage Christian business people.
  • to create a support structure for Christian business people.
  • to touch the business community with something of the loveliness of Christ!

Led by André Wolhuter