Fullies, as well as being a vibrant church, is also a family orientated church and we believe in getting everyone involved in our mission and vision.

We have a lot to offer!

Home Groups

Cobus & Annadia van der Merwe
072 863 1978 Cobus
072 383 9714 Annadia

Please contact Cobus & Annadia if you want to be placed in a Home Group.

Jason and Megan Keith
Young Families Group
Every Second Friday

Bernard and Nicole Hamann
Adults Group
Fish Hoek
Wednesdays at 19:00

Jeff and Nita Koster
Adults Group
Peers Hill
Wednesdays at 19:00

Andre and Nicole Mostert
Singles Adults Group
Fish Hoek
Wednesdays at 19:00

Derek and Pat Cochrane
Group for 45+
Fish Hoek
Wednesdays at 19:00

Visitation Team

If you want to be part of a vibrant, exciting and rewarding ministry in the Church, the Visitation Team would love to hear from you.

The focus of the Visitation Ministry is Evangelism which is the first of the four pillars of our church’s vision.

Members of the Visitation Team visit newcomers to Fullies and reach out to families in our community by inviting them to special events at the church. We do not operate in our own strength. We are vessels in the hands of God who directs our steps and our speech through the Holy Spirit.

If you wish to join the Visitation Team, you need to be a member of Fullies and you need to complete the training course, Sharing Your Faith. The course will equip you to share your faith and give you very useful practical guidelines on what to do and not to do when going out on Visitation. Upon completion of training, you will initially accompany an experienced team member to observe, and as you grow in confidence, you will gradually start taking part in the presentation of the Gospel in a relaxed, conversational manner.

Led by Elize Porter

Ladies Fellowship

Wednesdays at 09:30
At church
Led by Tammy Laubscher

Young Adults Group

Mickyle and Bell du Preez
Young Adults Group
Fish Hoek

Fullies Kids

It is our desire to teach and disciple every person in the Church, no matter their age. As it says in the book of Proverbs, we should train our children in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from it.

For more information, please send an email to juniorchurch@fullies.co.za or contact the church office on 021 782 2986.

Sunday mornings at 9:00

Children age 4 to Grade 7+ meet upstairs for a vibrant kids service.

Baby Room and God’s Little Ones

During Sunday services, this is a place where moms and dads can be with their 0-3 year olds. While the little ones enjoy the play area with lots of toys, you can watch and listen to the church service via a live feed. An area is also available for feeding and nappy changes.


All Grade 1 –  6 Students are welcome. We won’t just have a blast of a time but we are Building Lives Around Solid Truth!  From 26 April 2019, we will meet Fridays from 17:00 – 19:00 at church.


The Fullies Youth is for teenagers from age 13 -18 and meets at Fullies between 18:30 & 21:00 every Friday during term time, however, the program does often continue during school holidays. Youth is a time for teenagers to get together and connect with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Evenings are likely to include fun, teen-friendly activities, such as ice breakers, games and some relaxed social time. The Youth Meetings at Fullies are very spiritually oriented, and the evenings focus on worship and teaching of the Word.

Led by Gideon Devasahayam

Fullies Business

Fullies Business  is a ministry that caters for the unique needs of the business people in Fullies and also in our community. The purpose of the ministry is:

  • to connect like-minded Christian business people.
  • to encourage Christian business people to do business God’s Way.
  • to pray for their businesses and their need.
  • to encourage Christian business people.
  • to create a support structure for Christian business people.
  • to touch the business community with something of the loveliness of Christ!

Led by Heinrich Grove, Clint September and Iain Behr